We establish a disciplined investment plan so you achieve financial independence and freedom from worry.

Our Investment Strategies:
Improving the Opportunity for Success

All portfolios are individually managed in accordance with the planning objectives, values and risk tolerance of each client in mind. TWM follows a common, systematic process driven by our experience, philosophy and research into strategies that have and have not worked over time. These core principles guide our investment strategies and improve our clients’ opportunity for success:

Focus on the things you can control

There are many on Wall Street who act as though they have a crystal ball, and constantly follow the market’s moods from unsustainable optimism to unjustified fear. Instead of following "the endless cycle of zigging when markets are zagging," we help clients manage those factors of risk and return that we as a team can control. 

Establish a Margin of Safety

The future is not predictable, but we can prepare for it and manage its uncertainties. Creating a “margin of safety” in each client’s personal financial plan and investment portfolio is central to our thinking. At the core, risk management means always asking what happens if the future doesn’t turn out as planned before you invest. We stress test your financial plans and investment strategies against a variety of good and bad outcomes.

Adopt a systematic approach

Investors can, by their own behavior, make investing in stocks more risky than it actually is. By adopting a systematic, written investment policy, and a businesslike investment mindset, we help clients minimize human errors that subtract from returns. By investing only within your financial and emotional capacity for risk, clients have an advantage over competitors in the markets who are not so disciplined. At TWM we call this "Behavioral alpha."

Manage Expenses and Taxes

Minimizing expenses is another core investment philosophy of our firm. Long ago, we realized that fund expense ratios, trading costs, and other transaction-related fund expenses, reduce investment returns over the long-run. In fact, we have found that low fees are a better predictor of fund success than past performance. 

Intelligent + Asset Allocation

Asset allocation -- the mix of higher and lower risk assets -- is the key determinant of portfolio returns, as well as the magnitude of ups and downs an investor is likely to experience along the way. The benefits of a highly diversified asset allocation methodology and a buy and hold strategy--are powerful and TWM has been a long-time proponent. 

It’s clear that markets and investors do sometimes get irrational...that there are occasional bubbles when it makes sense to decrease investment in high-priced asset classes, and busts when prices get so low, it makes sense to increase exposure. That’s where TWM's value discipline comes into Intelligent Asset Allocation. Our Intelligent Asset Allocation policy gives us a healthy contrarian perspective that works against the herd mentality, enabling us to help our clients rebalance their portfolios to lower risk and enhance returns over time.

By being systematic, by stress testing your portfolio against various good and bad scenarios, and by looking at factors we can control instead looking at a crystal ball, TWM helps you avoid the dangers of following the markets, so you can stay on track to reach your goals.

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