We establish a disciplined investment plan so you achieve financial independence and freedom from worry.

What makes us different
Makes a difference to our clients.

The wealth management world is evolving. More firms are coming around to the fee-only service model that TWM has embraced since we started…and a lot of companies now tout index-centric, endowment-style management. In this crowded environment, Thompson Wealth Management continues to distinguish itself as a committed, independent-minded team of professionals focused on creating disciplined, risk appropriate investment strategies and clarity of purpose to generations of clients.

We describe our differences as a series of dualities that combine to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients, their families and, in some cases, their employees:

We are: Solid and Transparent
Since 1991, TWM’s has built a solid reputation on careful stewardship and a transparent, fee-only model that eliminates hidden costs and conflicts of interest. We do not take or pay commissions, finder’s fees or referral fees. We have no subsidiaries or interests in other businesses that might color our advice to you, and we obtain our research from independent sources.

Our services are: Limited and Comprehensive
We are a boutique investment advisory firm. We advise an intentionally-limited number of clients because keeping a low client-to-advisor ratio allows us to offer each client comprehensive service, and ensures that each client has direct access to the person who manages their money.

Our thinking is: Innovative and Conservative
Since the firm declared independence from Wall Street in 1991 as a pioneer in fee-only wealth management, we have been early adopters of client-focused strategies including asset allocation,
indexingand the Personal CFO service model. Our track record for innovative thinking is balanced by our conservative insistence on asking, “what could go wrong?” and creating appropriate margins of safety.

Our models are: Objective and Personal
By eliminating transaction-based compensation, we have created a model of objective, unbiased decision-making that is the foundation of our personal, client-centric service model. By minimizing conflicts of interest, we have fostered constructive, collaborative relationships built on trust, for the long term.

Our view is: Macro and Micro
We have built our reputation on careful stewardship of our clients’ financial affairs, keeping our eyes on the big picture and the small print. With a macro view of each client’s long-range objectives and micro attention to the details of planning, we help clients achieve a level of financial independence that includes freedom from worry.

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