What matters most to us is that you achieve financial independence and the time and peace of mind to enjoy it.

Who We Are

Concord is known for independent thinkers.
We fit right in.

Call us innovators, disrupters…or leaders.

We declared our independence when the firm was founded back in 1991 on a “fee-only” relationship model. The idea was to change the conversation from what’s good for investment firms to what’s best for clients. We continued our “disruptive” thinking as early adopters of client-focused investment strategies such as endowment-style asset allocation, indexing, and Personal CFO —an innovative relationship model that puts us on the same side of the table with clients who seek advice on managing their overall net worth.   

In the last decade, we have sought to benefit a wider audience by working to reform the way company 401(k) plans are managed, helping employees dramatically reduce their costs and improve their investment and retirement planning outcomes. Our "open architecture" plans help employers and employees avoid the hidden fees, kickbacks, investment conflicts and opportunity costs associated with active management, which account for subpar results at many plans offered by brokerages, banks, insurance and mutual fund companies. 

While we have helped move the conversation for investors and the advisory field, we continue to differentiate ourselves by doing things for the right reasons in the first place. In choosing an adviser,

Would you rather work with a leader or a follower?

The market environment will change. Whatever tomorrow brings, we will continue to be leaders rather than followers…and like our forebears in Concord and Lexington, we will pursue the path of independent thinking that leads our clients to financial and personal freedom.

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