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That's part of our pledge and value to you. That's why TWM's practice was founded on the principles of fiduciary advice, best practices engendering transparency and objectivity. Freedom from Wall Street's "thundering herd" gives us the best chance of thinking independently in your behalf, making wise long term decisions, and minimizing the serious errors in judgement that have resulted from following the crowd in the last couple of decades.

"Adviser's Alpha" is the value we provide compared to what an investor might achieve on their own. Vanguard recently released a study which estimates adviser's alpha at 2% to 3% per year. This alpha accrues incrementally over time from appropriate asset allocation and diversification advice, low turnover, investing in low cost, tax efficient funds, and tax efficient location of assets and loss harvesting. It also comes from following investment disciplines involving cash management (reducing cash drag), strategic rebalancing, and avoiding the market timing and return chasing behaviors that have resulted in lost returns for many investors.

Moreover, the benefits related to behavioral coaching -- helping clients to overcome inertia and to stick with a plan -- were considered so critical as to be incalculable. 

In the bigger picture, clients may rest assured TWM will continue to innovate. We helped pioneer the independent, fee-only advisory model, and brought endowment-style asset allocation and low cost indexing strategies to individual investors long before these were widely accepted. We introduced the Personal CFO relationship and helped 401(k) plans adopt open architecture plans to help participants reduce costs and rationalize their investments.

We can't predict where the industry is headed in the future, but we can help to influence the future, by creating a fair and transparent investment environment for our clients, and a model for the broader investment community. We are truly gratified that you have chosen to join us on this mission.

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