Want to Be a More "ADEPPT" Investor? Focus on the Things You Can Control.

Want to Be a More "ADEPPT" Investor? Focus on the Things You Can Control.

Savvy planners focus most of their time and attention on managing things they can know and control, and work hard to filter much of the noise associated with investing. At TWM we've developed the acronym “ADEPPTS” to help you focus on managing:

Asset Allocation – the amount of risk in a portfolio by selecting a mix of stocks, bonds and cash that is suitable in relation to your risk tolerance and financial situation

Diversification – the amount of risk by spreading assets broadly within each asset class in order to consistently and dependably realize their long term returns

Expenses – by minimizing trading related costs including “All-In” mutual fund expenses

Psychology – by being aware of and avoiding behavioral mistakes that might undermine our best intentions

Price – by realizing that future returns are often inversely proportionate to the price paid or valuation of investments

Taxes – by minimizing trading, investing in tax efficient funds, and taking full advantage of tax deferral, tax harvesting and asset location

Savings – by remembering that, above all, financial success relies on the amount of income saved


Here's a great video from JP Morgan which echos these concepts:


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