Digital Asset Protection

Digital Asset Protection

Traditionally, we've focused on your physical and financial assets.  However, these aren’t the only assets that need attention – you should also think about protecting your digital assets.  

This protection ranges from implementing a secure password strategy to addressing digital assets within your estate plan.  Below are links to a couple of articles which provide additional information as to how to provide the best protection and why you should consider this.

Though this may seem daunting, with a couple of simplifying steps now, you can avoid significant headaches later.  For example, there are several programs which allow you to securely keep all of your login details in one place and remember just one password, which only you will know.  In fact, I set up LastPass for myself earlier this year.  Consider this like an online safe deposit box.  In case of emergency, someone else should have access so I suggest sharing your vault password with a person you trust, such as the person who you have named as your Power of Attorney.  Related, estate attorneys are also now including language for digital assets in their documents so this may be a good time to schedule a review of your documents with your attorney.  Please let us know if we can help you achieve peace of mind with your digital assets, too.

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