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Have you seen the new Private Client Center yet?

Have you seen the new Private Client Center yet?

 To support our planning and investment collaborations, we’ve set up a new website with a new Private Client Center.  We hope you’ll take a few minutes to log in and explore the site and the many exciting features.


Have you seen the new Private Client Center yet?

Your road. Your vision. That’s our focus.

Nothing is more valuable than your time. We’re here to simplify your financial life so that you can pursue your goals and dreams in ways that are meaningful to you. That is our daily inspiration and focus.

To support our planning and investment collaborations, we’ve set up a new website with a new Private Client Center.  We hope you’ll take a few minutes to log in and explore the site and the many exciting features.

TWM OneView. The new site provides the technology platform needed to bring you even more new features in the near future. This summer we’ll be contacting you about TWM OneView, which will eventually replace Client View Live. You can take a tour of TWM One View now.

OneView will allow us to bring online all of your financial planning data, your balance sheet and budgets as well as all of your accounts and loans, including those not held at Fidelity. Your portfolio values as well as your non-portfolio accounts and loans will be updated in real time. OneView provides a collaborative planning environment and, if you choose to have us set it up for you, you will be able to see your financial planning scenarios and the status of your progress toward your goals updated in real time, accessible from anywhere, from any device including your cell phone.

Later this fall we expect completion of the necessary integrations between OneView and Portfolio Center, our portfolio management software, and Junxure, our client relationship management system which includes the Client View document vault. This will allow you to see your portfolio performance reports in real time.

As an interesting side note, shortly after we licensed the eMoney software behind OneView, Fidelity Investments bought the company for $280 million. Why? Because of how easy the asset aggregation system is to use, and so that they could ensure data security.

Thinking Aloud is our new knowledge center for our Private Clients. You’ll be receiving a monthly e-Letter from us with:

·         Timely Views – updates on your portfolio and the markets

·         Investment Clarity -- timeless advice on investment strategy

·         Investment Highlights – focus articles on individual funds and investments

·         Life and Personal Finance -- planning, tax and estate planning tips

·         Must reads -- “Cliff Notes” on influential books every investor should read

·         Impact & Philanthropy – information on our charitable giving services, and making a difference through social venture capital

·         TWM Monument Partners – updates on “angel” investments made through our client partnership

·         Parents & Children – financial education and games for parents, grandparents and children

·         GenVest – our blog spot for young adults just starting out in life


There’s more! From the Private Client Center you can connect to:

·         TWM Meeting – in one click join a video conference or online meeting to review your portfolio or discuss your financial plan

·         Life Planning – take a step back, explore what’s truly important to you, and start a road map for getting there

·         I Want to Know More About – access this new tool which provides helpful answers to frequently asked questions (we’ll be adding more, so please check back soon)

·         Client View Live log in to view your portfolio value and share documents in a secure environment

·         Fidelity – log in to your account at Fidelity

·         Risk Tolerance Questionnaire – complete the risk tolerance questionnaire and view the spectrum of risks and returns for various allocations

·         Contact Us –ask a question or get driving and parking directions

·         Facebook – follow us on Facebook. While you’re there, give us a Like!

Have a question, comment or suggestion as to how we could improve the site, or features you’d like to see added? Just hit the Contact Us button. 

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